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Our personalized service guarantees your trip to Russia will be unique, enjoyable and trouble-free
Who we are
Friendly HAND for your FIFA 2018 trip. The group of four friends living in Russia. We wish more people travelling abroad. That's why we offer services to help you to feel in Moscow like at home.
Our Services
Before the trip - What do you need to think
about in advance?
Book a place to stay
Any Russian town
10% of a deal
We make a deep research on the offer of rental market and consult you on options according to your limits and preferences. The final point is to make
a booking and to help you to move in.
Find registration assistance
30-60$ per person
Every foreigner coming to Russia needs to be registered in a migration office. If you booked a hotel this service is included. We will help you to follow this process in case you have rented an apartment.
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On arrival - How to get the first impression?
Meet a local at the airport
$100-150 per small group (1-3 people)
We greet you, call a taxi and accompany to the hotel. You are safe in case your mobile phone is down or taxi drivers misunderstand your needs. The price is flexible and depends on the time of a day (day / night).
Take a "Welcome to Russia" tour
80$ per small group (1-1,5 hours, 1-5 people)
We meet you in the city center to assist in choosing a sim card and exchanging money. You may learn few phrazes in Russian, memorize fine shops and supermarkets and get used to local infrastructure and customs on a walk.
During the stay - How to fall in love with Russia
in one day?
Take a "must-see" tour
Moscow / Kazan
15-50$ per person / 100$ per group
We show you the most popular sights and suggest the others. No hard info, easy facts and fast move on. Spend few ours in a company of a local guide, get to know basic facts about our country.
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Discover the city or "See Moscow and Die" tour
55$ per hour for group (1-5 people)
We develop a personal tour based on your interests - show you the best places of national food or maybe the best contemporary galleries? We accompany you in any activity you want to undertake as a translator and a manager of your trip.
Take a long distance transfer
Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Saint-Peterburg, Saransk, Samara
from 40$ per person
We can transfer your between host cities - from Moscow to Nizhny, Volgograd, Kazan, etc and from Kazan to Samara and Saransk. Comfortable minibuses - in a small group from 4 up to 18! Check available places in advance!
Enjoy underground or "Moscow metro tour"
15$ per person / 100$ per group (2 hours)
The Moscow metro is known as "The Underground Palace"! We tell you everything you need to know about the Moscow subway, all its secrets, history and how it has influenced the Russians since its creation in 1935.
How it works
Choose a service and sign up
Leave your request and we'll contact you to understand your wishes, to tell more about the service (plus send out the whole description on what it includes) and negotiate the offer.
Before your trip you pay
a reservation fee*
We'll contact you to check if you are still interested in and you pay a fee via PayPal.

*Pre-fee is only for the following services:
- find registration assistance,
- meet a local at the airport,
- discover the city or "See Moscow and Die" tour.

You pay when you are already satisfied with our selection for booking assistance.
Arrive in Moscow and enjoy our service
We do our best and you pay in cash the whole sum.
The excursions are provided by local guides, so they might not be professionals but definitely advanced in English and share the love to the city they live in.
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