Registration in Moscow for travellers

If your host refuses to register you, contact us and we can legally register your stay in Moscow!
Why is it important to register?
What is registration?
All foreign citizens entering Russia during the World Cup must register in each host city if they stay there more than 72 hours.

Your registration confirmation will look like a piece of paper with official stamps. It's better to keep it with you at all times.

Isn't it a host who should carry about it?
Registration must be done by the host - your hotel or an apartment owner/manager.

Although both foreign travellers and their host are liable for violation of registration rules, landlords often decline to register their guests.

In this case we suggest you to manage the registration on your own* to protect yourself from unexpected issues during your stay.

What happens if I don't have registration?
The police can stop you anywhere and ask for your registration.

The absence of registration may cause significant penalties or even a ban for next entries to Russia.
*The registration itself is free and must be done by your host according to the federal law. But this fact doesn't mean that without registration YOU don't violate the law. This service helps to eliminate YOUR personal risk.
Will your host register you?
Before renting any accommodation, we strongly recommend finding out whether the host will be able to register you.

If not, we can legally register your stay in Moscow!
Registration in Moscow
- Legal way of registration via travel agency.

- From your side we need scans of all pages of your passport (including visa), migration card and "Fan Id" (if you have it).

- You pay first half of a sum as a registration fee online and another half in cash once you get you documents in hand. We deliver documents to a convinient place to you in the city centre!
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Registration Prices
Registration of Tourist visa / Fan Id
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Registration of Business visa
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Our immigration specialist
Yana Baum
Registration manager
Yana works with Federal Migration Service (FMS) for 2 years and knows all the difficulties which tourist can face during the visit.
Legality and comfort
Official way of registration
We will register you on behalf of a travel agency as Russian companies are empowered to do it
Document pickup in city center
We deliver the registration submission to the place convinient for you in the city center (inside the Boulevard Ring)
Two-step payment with minimal risk
You pay a half online when we approved your documents, the other half in cash once you get your registration submission in hand!
How registration document looks like

Your registration document
will look like a piece of paper with the stamps of migration service.

We suggest you to keep the original with you at all times.
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