Must-see red tour in Moscow

From XVI to XXI century we keep red walls and red square.. why do Russians love this color?
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The cheapest individual must-see tour in Moscow!
We meet you in the city center and show the most impressive sights outdoors! It's the best option for the 1st day in the very first visit.
The Kremlin Wall
The largest fortification in Europe
One of the urban fortresses in medieval Rus is the center of Moscow, cultural and political center. How everything was bound since ancient time and what color it was painted before, you will get to know when you reach the tower.

What to do: check your watch with Spasskaya Tower clock.
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Saint Basil Cathedral
The most famous cathedral in Russia
This cathedral comprises 10 churches and related to the the period of leadership of the cruelest Russian tsar, Ivan the Terrible. Listen to the legend of its creation and learn the pecularities of Russian architecture in XVI century.

What to do: guess which sweet this cathedral reminds.
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The Red Square
The main square of Moscow
The most popular image of post cards from Russia... A UNESCO object and a favourite place of majority of Russians. Find out the order in which buldings on the square were constructed and get surprised to know why it is actually red.

What to do: take a selfie of yourself lying on the square ground.
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Lenin's Mausoleum
The most legendary construction of the Red Square
A tomb and a special laboratory saving Lenin's body gives a chance to see a leader of Russian revolution "alive". What is special about Lenin's life and what was the real experience of visiting Masoleum about we will tell you at this site.

What to do: try to count people in a line to Mausoleum.
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GUM, the department store
One of the most beautiful shopping malls in the world!
The most luxury store of all times in Russia. A roof made of glass and a big fontaine with renovated few times per year decoration make its interior gorgeous. And one more thing inside... ask your guide what you can't miss!

What to do: guess how its decorated now.
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Hisorical museum
The repository of exhibits from XI till XX century!
Do you want to know how Russians were dressed up 2 centuries ago? You can see the portraits inside or just look around before entrering, maybe you will meet Lenin and Stalin together or even Ekaterina, the queen!

What to do: see all the tsar dinasty from floor to the ceiling in one of the halls.
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The Bolshoi Theater
One of the cradles of Russian Ballet!
Operas and ballets based on music of the most famous Russian musicians -Tchaikovsky, Rahmaninov, Shostakovich made Bolshoi one of the top theaters to visit. Do you know other Russian ballets except for Swan Lake? You will.

What to do: compare a reality with a banknote picture.
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Alexander garden
One of the oldest public parks in Moscow!
Fairy tales often reflect features of a national character. Learn few of them gazing to the statues of imaginative heros. If you wonder to know what the big sculpture of four horses represents, look into their eyes and listen to the guide.

What to do: stroke the horses to make a wish.
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Eternal flame
The most known memorial comlex of the country
The eternal flame, alleys of hero cities and the stele of the cities of military glory are dedicated to the Second World War. Get the piciture of its importantce to every Russian family and make a list of other great memorial monuments.

What to do: observe the process of honorable guard change.
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Zaryadye Park
One of the best places in the world in 2018
A park right in the center of Moscow, green area and modern sightseeing place are organically combined in one of the top city spots. Join us to know why it is special and get ideas of other places to visit from the view at the floating bridge.

What to do: figure out how many natural zones in Russia.
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