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and do not become drunk in 5 min
1. Unlike other spirits, good vodka does not have a taste at all. Russians drink it only for the purpose of gaining a certain level of drunkenness. If your vodka has strange taste or smell, this can possibly mean that it is not properly manufactured, and you can get seriously poisoned.

2. Vodka is drunk chilled, up to ~10 ° C in small 'fifty-gram" shots. After the third shot, get up from the table for 15-20 minutes. It's called "go to smoke", although it is not necessary to smoke at the same time. During the "smoke" body will have time to finally turn on the processing of alcohol and food.
Vladimir Putin: It's impossible to drink all the vodka, but it's necessary to strive for this
3. Vodka is a very common drink for banquets or feasts. In Russia, very "fat" food, like salads with mayonnaise, is served for banquets. A vodka is an excellent aperitive, in this case, it not only causes appetite but also stimulates digestion. However, don't eat "fat" food right after the first shot. The best snack after the first glass is a pickled cucumber, sauerkraut or herring with onions. Then you can continue with meat appetizers and salads.

4. The main thing - do not mix vodka with other alcoholic beverages, especially avoid mixing it with beer and wine. After the "vodka meeting", drink a cup of strong black tea - it will freshen you up and help avoid dehydration.

Good luck!
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