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"The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul"
About project
A friendly HAND for your FIFA2018 trip
Find travel buddies, useful info about traveling in Russia, where to go and spend time with fun!
Who we are
The group of four friends living in Russia. We wish more people travelling abroad. That's why we offer services to help you to feel in Russia like at home.
About campaign
We were asking for route details, matching by dates and cities and helping to make a contact
Our Story
— How did we come up with this idea?
— We had an intention to create a useful service for travellers who are going to visit Russia during FIFA2018. We looked though the groups on Facebook and saw a lot of people looking for someone to meet with in specific days. We also often travel solo and are aware that finding a right company can be just the key for new adventures. That's why we have decided to help them to find travel buddies and created this service.
— How many travel buddies did we find so far?
— Around 200 people reached out, and we have organized excursions and meetups for them! It was jolly good to meet so many people from different countries!
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— What are we doing besides of this?
— Oh, we offer much more! First, it's a small group walking tour for a small price. We cover all must-see places but do it in a friendly atmosphere! Secondly, we help travellers with registration in Moscow. During World Cup lots of Russian people decided to give their apartments for rent, but often they don't want to deal with paperwork, while the tourist might have problems leaving the country. We register those tourists legally via tourist agency, so they can avoid penalties or any other problems.
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What else do we offer?
We organise local guide tours around the main sights in few cities. You listen to the basic facts, ask your questions freely and move on. Imagine you're walking in Russia in a group of friends!

— What are the plans after the World Cup?
— We continue providing services and already launched a new platform! It shows interesting places to go or recommendations for bars and cafes depending on your profile. We will suggest travellers places to visit based on their lifestyle type - a nightclub lover, a bar visitor or a city walker, but later even more. We plan to start suggesting places based on user's Facebook interests!
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Read about places, events, the habits of locals and follow meet up stories to create your own when you come back!
Why do people want to come back to Russia?
There are public comments and sudden confessions from people who already visited Russia. If you want, please, share your own experience here
[22:51, 13.7.2018] I was in Russia for ten days, and those were probably the best ten days of my life. I'm a well travelled person, so it's like it was my first trip abroad that I was so smitten. I even loved the small cities, Nizhny Novgorod in particular. I can't sleep, I can't eat without thinking of Russia. My life had changed, I don't even have the same routine as before anymore.

[22:51, 13.7.2018] How do I become normal again? ☺

[22:52, 13.7.2018] But seriously, I don't even know your name, but I just wanted to thank a Russian for all the hospitality, love and affection. 🤷🏻

[22:53, 13.7.2018] Спасибо. Вы замечательные люди и нация.
Yasser Rahman
... I visited the red square and kremlin the next day and seeing the Nikolskaya street beaming with happy people was terrific. What I saw from my own eyes is totally opposite to what they show in media and movies about Russia. Everything was perfect, we learned so much about the Russian history and culture from Irina and it's amazing how before coming to Russia we had this perception about Russians being rude and arrogant and violent and Russia not being technologically developed.

But now I can proudly say that Russians are the most down to earth and hospitable people I have come across in my life. Their cities are so historic and beautiful and their culture is engrossing.

I will visit Russia again in my life as I have so many memories attached to this place.
Zuhayr Shaikh
[00:25, 15.7.2018] Heyy no worries
[00:26, 15.7.2018] This is the best trip I had 😄😄
[00:26, 15.7.2018] Beautiful country beautiful people
Fam, what a fantastic world
Cup. Thanks to all the Russians for brilliant hospitality and care for all of us from around the world. Genuinely felt a few times that some locals went out of their way to help my friend and I. A terrific people, wonderful experiences, I will never forget you russia... spasiba!!!
[05:35, 22.6.2018] Thanks Russia
[05:35, 22.6.2018] I'll be flying out today
[05:35, 22.6.2018] Great people! And nation.
[08:57, 22.6.2018] Separation anxiety
[08:57, 22.6.2018] Lol
[08:57, 22.6.2018] Country and people😅😅
[08:57, 22.6.2018] For sure I'll be back with more weeks
[14:41, 22.6.2018] Thank u and to Russia. Such a wonderful host. Different experience vs media and film portrayals😅😅
[22:32, 1.7.2018] 🇷🇺🇷🇺🔥🔥
Hey Guys. Actually thank you very much for your hospitality during my stay in Samara. I wish i can see you again in Samara. But if you come to my city and my hometown Zürich Switzerland 🇨🇭 or Yogyakarta and Bali Indonesia 🇮🇩 please do not forget to text me and give me a chance to give my hospitality to you. Just contact me in whatsapp.

Or My facebook : & My Instagram 📸 @sportdoctorapb. Спасибо. я буду скучать по тебе всем ✌❤🙏
Arya Pradana
Switzerland - Indonesia
I must say that the experience was great. Kazan where we went was beautiful and to me a much better option for travel than London and Paris. Will come back
Abtin Irandoost Siyadat
I will definitely come back to Russia one day, this time with my family
Abhra Atmaja Malakar

Good bye World Cup 2018!
Congratulations to France!

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