7 spooky places and ghosts in Moscow

Moscow has a long history, often connected to blood and murder.

Here the peasants killed each other for the last coin, aristocracy killed the peasants just for fun, aristocracy died in wars by Tsar's wish.

No wonder people see strange things. Be prepared you never see Moscow streets the same again... Who knows what will you notice in a dark corner?

Ghost of a white woman in merchant Igumnov's house

Beautiful house in the Russian style, built in 1895 by the architect Pozdeev. According to the legend, the merchant built a mansion to live with his mistress - the dancer Varvara, but then he suspected her of betrayal and immured the girl in the walls!

In 1938, the mansion was handed over to the French embassy which is still there.
People still see so-called "white woman" in this building, the very mistress of a rich merchant… Meet the mistress
Empty midnight train on the roundabout subway line

Come after 12 at night on the 'Koltsevaya' subway line.

Every month a train without passengers passes along this line. It stops as it should do, at all stations, but without opening the doors. At the helm, there's a driver in the old-style uniform of the subway. The train always moves counterclockwise.

The appearance of such a train has become overgrown with legends. It seems that the restless souls of the prematurely lost metro builders "ride" in it. Sometimes wagon doors are open. But to go there is not recommended or this trip will be the last... View on a map

Black Monk

In Aleshkinsky forest, at Planernaya metro station, sometimes people see a monk passing though a forest.

Tall, with a bluish-white very thin face, dressed in a long black robe, silently moving.

It usually appears in warm but wet weather when it rains. When a monk shows up, the birds do not fly away and the dogs do not bark at him.

Calling and speaking with a monk is not recommended as it would result in big misfortune. Where is it?

Ghost of Saltychikha

In St. John the Baptist (Ivanovsky) Convent, which is located at the Kitai-Gorod metro station, for 33 years was kept a dangerous criminal and murderer — the landowner Darya Saltykova, better known as Saltychikha.

She was found guilty of having brought to death with the sophisticated tortures of at least 38 of her peasants. In most cases, her victims were girls and women, often brides or young mothers. Catherine II deprived Saltychikha of a noble rank and sentenced her to life imprisonment in an underground prison without light and communication with people.

The ghost of Saltychikha in the form of a terrible old woman with a black face and dirty hands appears on the territory of the monastery. Also sometimes it is seen in the underpass not far from it, as well as on the corner of Big Lubyanka and the Kuznetsky bridge where her house stood.

To see this old woman is considered as a very bad sign. View on a map!

Cat Behemoth on Tverskaya

On Tverskaya, between Pushkinskaya and Mayakovskaya, people see a huge black cat twice a month on odd days on the odd side of the street.

According to stories, the cat appears from the wall of the building, wanders along the street, crosses the road, then disappears in a wall of another building.

Most often he was seen near the Museum of Revolution, which is located on Tverskaya 21. Cat was even seen by the former director of the museum.

This ghost of a cat became the prototype of the cat in Bulgakov's Master and Margarita and is listed in the International Ghost Directory. Go there!

Ghost of Galina Benislavskaya in Vagankovo cemetery

Near the grave of Sergei Yesenin one can often see a sad ghost - a silently sitting woman. This is Galina Benislavskaya, the former literary secretary of the poet.

In 1926 she committed suicide at the Vagankovo cemetery. "In this grave, everything is the most precious for me ..." she wrote in her suicide note.

She was buried next to Sergei Yesenin. See where it is

Flute in Basurmanian Crypts

Vvedenskoye cemetery, located almost in the center of Moscow, is often compared to the famous Pere Lachaise, located in Paris. Gothic sculptures, ancient crypts and silence .. Here is what meets the visitor of Basurmanian crypts.

In 1771 the plague came to Moscow. The worst epidemic claimed many lives, and there were not enough burial places in existing cemeteries. All this led to a wave of discontent and the authorities issued a decree "On measures to stop epidemics and the construction of cemeteries". That is how the Basurmanian crypts appeared.

Many urban legends are associated with the Basurmanian crypts. There is a myth that you can hear the sounds of a flute, at the moment when the sun sets and oblique shadows lie on the tombstones.

And in the very middle, you can hear the sounds of shackles, and in ghostly silhouettes you can recognize a woman in a long dress with a chic headdress and men with army swords and in uniforms.

Another legend says that under the cemetery there is a whole city with a huge number of catacombs and dungeons. But to get to this ghostly city is possible only through one of the tombs, but which is that, no one knows. View on a map!

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